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R57 Shell – Private Bypass Shell

R57 Shell:

Shell is a material that is installed on a web site in accordance with various abilities to you. This authority, Reading, Writing, and are listed with the authority being able to delete it. Shell at the site where you sometimes kullanabilirizi the powers of the owner of a website. Sometimes you can have the authority to use the authority of the owner of the hosting. This phenomenon might be termed Permission authority. all folders and files that you want permission on a server that is open you can read comfortably. Delete, and / or you can install. Permission of the authorities that are listed in a closed server. server to give you the full authority is completely should back rootl.

C99 Shell – Private Bypass Shell

C99 Shell :

What c99 shell? What are the benefits?

c99 php shell script is harmful as other shel on. This scripting in linux and windows servers, a set of transactions can be done from the rear door. To leave on a server, it is dangerous to server security. c99 shell is considered to be harmful by all antivirus software and anti-virus unless it is deleted. let the authorities in this script on a server (permission) unauthorized burning white ones, green color, which shows the full authority permissions can be written.

W.A.S Shell – Priv8 Command Shell

W.A.S Shell:

Was Shell Private Command Shell,
[ phpinfo ] [ php.ini ] [ cpu ] [ mem ] [ users ] [ tmp ] [ deface ] [ ln -s all ] [ brute ] [ users ]
o–{ W.A.S Shell }–o

Whmcs Killer – Private Whmcs Shell

Whmcs Killer:

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Anu – Love.jpg Shell – Private CGI Shell

Anu – Love.jpg Shell:

Anu Shell Private CGI
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| GET etc/Passwd | GET user | Get Safe Mode | PHPInfo |